Individual Protection

We all know that money is easy to spend but hard to save. Just think of the time and effort that goes into building up a little nest egg. Then imagine having to break into your savings because you were too ill to work, or the breadwinner died unexpectedly. When you consider the monthly outgoings of the average family, your savings probably wouldn’t go as far as you think: By taking out precious cover, you could keep your savings for the good things in life. Because the unexpected will then take care of itself.

Life Insurance

This provides peace of mind that in the event of your death your family is protected financially and a lump sum payment would be made to your next of kin. We can arrange these policies to be written in trust if appropriate to ensure any monies go to the people you wish to protect.

Critical Illness Cover

Falling ill is stressful enough without the added worry of financial pressures. Critical Illness Cover can alleviate some of this worry by providing a tax free lump sum to pay off your mortgage or replace lost income following diagnosis of a critical Illness.

Income Protection

If, through accident or sickness, you were to lose your income, do you know what the outcome would be?

For most of us state sickness benefits would not be enough to cover our outgoings. Income Protection policies are designed to replace a proportion of your income if you become ill. Policies are bespoke to individual circumstances.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance ensures that should you or your family require medical treatment you will receive the best care and attention with prompt access to diagnosis and treatment in a hospital of your choosing.

We work with all the major providers of Health Insurance so we can offer you the best cover options at the most competitive rates. We will search the whole market for you to find the most suitable policy for you and your family or indeed for your company and employees.

“One of my concerns has been if my income is affected by ill-health. Christopher has advised me on an Income Protection policy that provides good benefits if needed, but also very cost-effective. There are many different plans available and the advice I received was excellent and suited my personal needs.”

Andrew Parffrey, Cirencester